Sonocent Audio Notetaker is an innovative tool which enables users of any ability to engage with audio recordings of classes, interviews, meetings performances or group discussions.

With Audio Notetaker, students can use audio, text and images or slides together in a visual and creative way. Audio can be recorded directly or imported.

Audio Notetaker has multiple applications across schools, HE and the workplace; including transcription, class note taking and audio analysis for such as presentation skills or training.

How does it work?
Audio Notetaker displays spoken phrases visually as bars which can be placed into sections making navigation and organizing simple. The audio can be coloured for further referencing and supplemented with text and images giving a comprehensive information file.

  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Digital Recorder
  • LiveScribe Smartpen
Record Live:
  • Online
  • Lectures, Interviews, Presentations & Research with or without an external microphone
"If [Audio Notetaker] were widely adopted a great many of the practical headaches implied in the new [AQA English Language GCSE] specifications would simply disappear."

Trevor Millum, Tom Rank and Chris Warren of the
NATE ICT Committee
Transcription / Dictation
Audio Notetaker makes audio incredibly easy to use due to its audio visualisation. Users can move from segment to segment with the arrow keys, as well as slow down the audio or speed it up. It also has a special playback mode specifically for transcription.

This kind of tool is indispensible to meeting the requirements of the latest GCSE English syllabus or for doing dictation exercises with foreign language learners.

Great for:
  • GCSE English students
  • Second Language learners
  • Simple and intuitive interface – very shallow
    learning curve
  • Use text and audio together in one place
  • Visual and creative – suitable for all ages and
    learning styles
  • Slow down the audio
"I feel so strongly about Audio Notetaker that if required, I could sell the program standing on my head - and I can only do that if I believe in a product and can see its worth. Every student should have this as default; it is that useful."

Sarah Smye-Rumsby, AT Trainer & Education Specialist
Note Taking
Many learners struggle with the taxing task of writing comprehensive notes during lessons or lectures. Students with learning difficulties such as dyslexia or those studying in a second language especially struggle. Audio Notetaker offers an alternative approach to note taking which does not rely on text at all.

Students can go through a recording and mark the important bits with colour and quickly delete the bits they do not need. By importing a PowerPoint presentation or PDF document they can create a comprehensive record of the lecture. Audio Notetaker also can export to iTunes.

Great for:
  • Those with Special Educational Needs
  • International Students
  • No need to take lengthy textual notes
  • Import PDF/PowerPoint slides to create
    comprehensive notes
  • Quickly find specific moments in your recording
  • Powerful audio file management and search features
"The solution literally revolutionized the way I work. The colour-coding was a dream…it makes it so much easier to revisit the material. Not every interview gets run immediately; Audio Notetaker lets me go back to old stories for reference."

Claire Bloomfield, Journalist
Audio Analysis
Students conducting qualitative research in the form of interviews or focus groups will find Audio Notetaker indispensible. Not only is audio easy to transcribe, but it can be ordered and annotated in real time making it simple to find and reference key moments in the recording.

Great for:
  • Social Science students
  • Psychology students
  • Oral Historians
  • Journalists
  • Annotate in real-time with minimal input
  • Use colour to mark specific phrases
  • Easy to use
  • Easy audio organisation
"I was delighted to see the change in the quieter students who through the [Audio Notetaker] 'voice-coaching' approach found their voice and emerged into the limelight with the gradual erosion of the psychological barriers that afflict our teenager speakers."

Carol Weale, English Teacher
Speaking and
Listening Skills

Users can use Audio Notetaker individually or as a group to record their speaking practice. The ability to colour and analalyse the audio makes refining their performances a simple process that improves self-confidence. The notes section allows users to identify what they have achieved and are still to achieve through their own or others' review.

Great for:
  • GCSE English students
  • Second Language learners
  • Workplace Training


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