PowerGistics has created the ideal solution for mounted and free-standing charging stations. The revolutionary design saves space in classrooms and can charge up to 16 devices in each tower.

Teachers don't have to struggle with tangled cables or crawling into a cart to retrieve devices. This unique cable management system provides a no-tangle solution which includes a pinch-point design that secures individual power cables while offering 100% student deployment, leaving more time to teach.

PowerGistics charging stations are sturdy and perfectly designed for classrooms with a lifetime warranty

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"East Union School were looking for an alternative to our current portable carts. The carts took up a large amount of floor space and power cords would not stay plugged into the internal power strips if the carts were moved.

In addition, the power cords would become tangled or get caught in the doors if the students were not careful when plugging in the computers, causing frayed cords. The PowerGistics vertical standing wall racks have eliminated all of those issues!"

East Union Technology Director

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DSEDU# Vendor Part# Description
100569 9T134G0S G&G Station12
100570 9T104G0S G&G Station16
100571 9T124G0S G&G Station20
100568 9T114G0S G&G Station8
100369 Custom Option 1 Generic SKU for Custom Colors Option 1 Not a physical product
100370 Custom Option 2 Generic SKU for Custom Colors Option 2 Not a physical product
100263 9S12160 Just-a-Stand 12/16
100371 9S20000 Just-a-Stand 20
100262 9S08000 Just-a-Stand 8
100368 9D06141 PG Desktop 6 Plus
100366 9R08000 PG J Roller 8 Rolling Stand with Door
100364 9B12160 PG JAS 12/16 Door
100365 9B20000 PG JAS 20 Door
100363 9B08000 PG JAS 8 Door
100367 9R12160 PG Roller 12/16
100362 9T20110 PG Tower 20
100572 9H06140 TechHub6
100260 9T12110 Tower12
100360 9P12110 Tower12 Classroom Set
100373 9T12140 Tower12 Plus
100560 9T12140 Tower12 Plus
100261 9T16110 Tower16
100361 9P16110 Tower16 Classroom Set
100374 9T16140 Tower16 Plus
100561 9T16140 Tower16 Plus
100376 9T20140 Tower20 Plus
100562 9T20140 Tower20 Plus
100259 9T08110 Tower8
100359 9P08110 Tower8 Classroom Set
100372 9T08140 Tower8 Plus
100559 9T08140 Tower8 Plus