The new pi-top modular laptop

You start by snapping the laptop together yourself. The new pi-top is a modular laptop (powered by Raspberry Pi) & introduces an all-new sliding keyboard. Slide back the keyboard to reveal an exciting new world of electronics, coding & science.

The modular desktop pi-topCEED

The pi-topCEED is a 'plug & play' desktop powered by the Raspberry Pi microcomputer. Remove the acrylic slice to reveal the magnetic rail for creating projects and experimenting. It's designed for anyone with the hunger to explore & innovate.

Find the right product mix for you

Equip your students with the computer kits to help them understand technology and create awesome STEAM projects.
Simple classroom management

pi-topCLASSROOM is the teacher's management suite for the pi-top curriculum. Easily link your pi-topCLASSROOM account to each student in your class in order to share your chosen curriculum lesson plans and track student progress.
Assign work to students in pi-topCODER

Access pre-built lesson plans in pi-topCODER. It's the easiest way to deliver impactful content, providing step-by-step guides for computer science and STEAM skills and projects. You can analyse and assess the progress of each student in real time, allowing you to focus on the quality of education and cut down on administration time.
Reinforce lesson content outside the classroom

Students can continue learning at home by entering an educational space exploration game where players solve puzzles and learn how to code.
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