Nuance is the leading provider of speech and imaging solutions for businesses and consumers around the world. Their technologies, applications and services make the user experience more compelling and productive by transforming the way people interact with information and how they create, share and use documents. Every day millions of users experience Nuance by calling directory assistance, getting account information, dictating patient records, telling a navigation system their destination, or digitally reproducing documents that can be shared and searched.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 Premium Education speech recognition software lets academic users – even those with learning and physical challenges – accomplish more on their computer quickly and accurately using their voice. Dragon Premium turns spoken words into text and executes voice commands much faster than typing so students of all ages and teachers can realise their productivity potential. It lets users dictate and edit documents, send email, search the Web and use social media with unparalleled speed, ease and comfort. It even allows users to work wirelessly, transcribe notes dictated on the go and use voice shortcuts for optimal efficiency. Stop typing, start speaking – and start doing.

Dragon® Dictate for Mac® is the ultimate productivity tool that enables you to save time and get more done. Dictate, edit, transcribe and control your computer all by using your voice. Dragon's accurate speech recognition, customisable capabilities, easy-to-use interface and full transcription flexibility means you get more done - at home, school or work - quickly and accurately. Accurate and fast speech recognition, plus versatile transcription capabilities all in one.

  • OmniPage® 18 converts paper, picture and PDF files into editable documents to save you considerable time and money by eliminating retyping.

  • Power PDF Standard gives you all the tools necessary to annotate, mark up, secure and compress PDF plus additional features only available from Nuance for document conversion, search, connectivity and more.

  • OmniPage Ultimate converts paper, PDF files and forms into documents you can automatically send to others, edit on your PC or archive in a document repository.

  • PaperPort Professional 14 is the most productive way for businesses to scan, organise, find, assemble and share documents and provides anytime-anywhere access to documents in the cloud.

Volume Licensing

Nuance offers all educational intuitions a cost effective, flexible, volume licence programme to meet all customer needs no matter how large or small.

The industry-standard products on this page are available at greatly reduced prices to students and educational institutions.

DSEDU# Vendor Part# Description
136482 T381A-G00-5.0 Dragon for Mac Medical 5.0 Upgrade Win 5
136481 T301A-G00-5.0 Dragon for Mac Medical 5.0 Win 5
136336 ESN-DC09A-G00-15.0 Dragon Home 15.0 International Win 15
136337 DC09X-W00-15.0 Dragon Home International 15.0 Win 15
135702 K409X-W00-13.0 Dragon NaturallySpeaking Home 13.0 Win 13
135707 K689X-W00-13.0 Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium 13.0 Retail Upgrade Win 13 Upgrade from Premium
136127 ESN-K689X-R00-13.0 Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium 13.0 Upgrade Win 13 Upgrade from Premium
136263 ESN-DP09X-W01-15.0 Dragon Professional Group Single User 15 NON VAR Win 15
136264 ESN-DP89X-RD7-15.0 Dragon Professional Group Single User 15 Upgrade Win 15 Upgrade from Professional
136243 K809X-W01-15.0 Dragon Professional Individual 15 NON-VAR Win 15
136246 K889X-RD7-15.0 Dragon Professional Individual 15 Upgrade Win 15 Upgrade from Professional 12 and 13 or DPI 14
136255 ESN-K889X-RD7-15.0 Dragon Professional Individual 15 Upgrade Win 15 Upgrade from Professional 12 and 13 or DPI 14
136253 ESN-K809X-W01-15.0 Dragon Professional Individual 15 Win 15
136244 K809X-XN9-15.0 Dragon Professional Individual 15 Wireless Win 15
136485 S681X-K00-6.0 Dragon Professional Individual 6.0 for Mac Upgrade Mac 6 Upgrade from Dragon for Mac 4.0 and 5.0
136484 S601X-WN9-6.0 Dragon Professional Individual 6.0 for Mac Wireless Mac 6
136490 HS-GEN-25 Nuance USB Headset
136335 DP-0POWM3N9-DG PowerMic III Handheld Microphone
136480 HS-BLUE-SG1 Stephen Gould Bluetooth Headset