Headsets for Education and Speech Recognition

For more than 20 years, Andrea Communications has been a leading supplier of Headsets, Headphones, USB Adapters and Wireless Products.

The proprietary design of Andrea Communications noise-cancelling microphones along with the clear, crisp sound quality of their speakers, provides users with performance that is second to none.

Introducing Andrea Communications Newest Education-Series Headset Range

Sturdy | Flexible | Cleanable | Adjustable

Andrea Communications EDU Series Headsets feature an exclusive noise-cancelling microphone with internal windscreens to minimize breath popping. The heavy-duty rigid boom and swivel allows for perfect microphone placement. Plush, extra-thick ear cushions on both the Headsets and Headphones reduce background noise and are easy-to-clean. An adjustable headband ensures a comfortable fit even on smaller heads. Some models include a convenient in-line volume control.

Andrea Communications EDU Series headsets and headphones have been certified safe for use by children in accordance with the United States Consumer Products Safety Commission.

NEW! BT-875 Series

Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Headphones

  • 40mm stero speakers delivering clear and full bodied sound
  • Pair with any Bluetooth device for wireless listening
  • Play music from a capatible Micro SD card via a build in ear cup card slot
  • Adjustable headband and compact carry bag
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NEW! WNC-2100 & WNC-2500

Wireless Noise-Cancelling Bluetooth Headset

  • Noise-Cancelling mincrophone with semi-rigid boom rotates 360 for left or right usage
  • Digital sound enhancements with DSP technology
  • 30mm stereo speaker delivers cystal clear audio
  • Easily pairs 2 devices simultaneously - mobile phones, tablets or Computer
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Andrea Communications Best-Selling NC-Series for Speech Recognition and Medical Dictation

Andrea Communications NC-Series Headsets include a proprietary noise-cancelling microphone with a windsock to minimize breath popping. This exclusive design enables more accurate and reliable communication, making them ideal for noisy office or school environments.

NC Series Headsets for Speech Recognition are compatible with Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking, and Dragon for Mac. This range is also excellent for Skype, Internet Chat and Gaming.

NC-181 Series

On-Ear Mono (Monaural) Headset with noise-canceling microphone and windsock

Available with a variety of connections and volume/mute control.

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NC-185 Series

On-Ear Stereo Headset with noise-canceling microphone and windsock

Available with a variety of connections and volume/mute control.

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DSEDU# Vendor Part# Description
710000 C1-1025400-1 Andrea ANC-300 Active Noise Cancelling Microphone
710001 C1-1024300-2 Andrea ANC-700 Monaural Computer Headset w/ Active Noise Cancellation
710002 C1-1024400-3 Andrea ANC-750 Stereo Computer Headset with Active Noise Cancellation
710034 C96-1019800-1 Andrea Array 2S Stereo Microphone
710003 C1-1025850-50 Andrea C-100 Adapter Cable Computer Headset to Mobile Device
710027 C1-1033400-50 Andrea C-200 Adapter Cable Mobile Headset to Computer
710004 C1-1030100-1 Andrea EDU-175 Stereo On Ear Headphone
710005 C1-1030000-1 Andrea EDU-255 Stereo Computer Headset
710006 C1-1030200-1 Andrea EDU-255 USB Stereo USB Computer Headset
710007 C1-1030000-25 Andrea EDU-255M Stereo Mobile Headset
710008 C1-1027900-1 Andrea EDU-375 Over Ear Headphone
710009 C1-1027500-1 Andrea EDU-455 Stereo Computer Headset Over Ear
710010 C1-1027600-1 Andrea EDU-455 USB Stereo USB Computer Headset Over Ear
710011 C1-1027500-25 Andrea EDU-455M Stereo Mobile Headset Over Ear
710012 C1-1030300-1 Andrea EDU-USB External USB Soundcard Adapter
710013 C1-1022100-1 Andrea NC-181 Monaural Computer Headset
710015 C1-1022200-1 Andrea NC-181 Monaural Computer Headset with Volume/Mute Controls
710014 C1-1022100-25 Andrea NC-181M Monaural Mobile Headset
710016 C1-1022300-1 Andrea NC-181VM USB Monaural USB Computer Headset w/ Vol/Mute Controls
710017 C1-1022400-1 Andrea NC-185 Stereo Computer Headset
710019 C1-1022500-1 Andrea NC-185 Stereo Computer Headset with Volume/Mute Controls
710018 C1-1022400-25 Andrea NC-185M Stereo Mobile Headset
710020 C1-1022600-1 Andrea NC-185VM USB Stereo USB Computer Headset w/Volume/Mute Controls
710029 C1-1031900-1 Andrea NC-255VM USB On-Ear USB Stereo Computer Headset
710030 C1-1032000-1 Andrea NC-455VM USB Over-Ear (Circumaural) USB Stereo Computer Headset
710021 C1-1009500-39 Andrea NC-8 Light Weight Microphone Only Headset
710033 C1-1033300-50 Andrea SG-110M Mobile Unidirectional Shotgun Microphone
710023 C1-1024200-1 Andrea USB-MA Premium External USB Sound Card Microphone Adapter
710024 C1-1021450-1 Andrea USB-SA Premium External USB Sound Card Stereo Adapter
710031 C1-1030600-1 Andrea WNC-2100 On-Ear Noise Canceling Wireless Bluetooth Mono Headset
710032 C1-1030900-1 Andrea WNC-2500 On-Ear Noise Canceling Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headset
710035 C73-1027917-1 Andrea Y-100 Green Splitter Cable
710036 C1-1031800-1 BT-875 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones
710038 C1-1032300-50 Micker Pro Black Amplified Microphone
710037 C1-1032700-1 USB-UNIV Universal External USB Adapter